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On the 82nd anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, The Local takes a look at the best books on the conflict. The Battle for Spain - Antony Beevor Beevor daws on newly discovered material from Spanish, German and Russian archives to expertly narrate the origins of the civil war and its dramatic course from - 39, analyzing the political and regional forces that played an important role in the war.

The city forms the backdrop to a tense political thriller that follows reluctant spy Harry Brett , sent to Madrid by the British Secret Service to befriend his old school pal, Sandy Forsyth The Muse - Jessie Burton In her latest novel, the most recent on the list, the author of the worldwide bestseller The Miniaturist tells the story of two young women; a Caribbean immigrant in s London and a bohemian artist in s Spain Guernica by Dave Boling This epic of love and war is set in the Basque town before, during and after it was destroyed by the German Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War.

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Contact us Our journalists. He was defeated by Union General George G. Meade in a three-day battle near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that left nearly 51, men killed, wounded, or missing in action. While Lee's men were able to gather the vital supplies, they did little to draw Union forces away from Vicksburg, which fell to Federal troops on July 4, In November of , President Lincoln traveled to the small Pennsylvania town and delivered the Gettysburg Address, which expressed firm commitment to preserving the Union and became one of the most iconic speeches in American history.

Grant , and Virginia born Robert E. The two men had very little in common. While Grant was from a middle-class family with no martial or family political ties. Lee's early war career got off to a rocky start, but he found his stride in June of after he assumed command of what he dubbed the Army of Northern Virginia. Grant, on the other hand, found early success in the war but was haunted by rumors of alcoholism.

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By , the two men were by far the best generals on their respective sides. In March of , Grant was promoted to lieutenant general and brought to the Eastern Theater of the war, where he and Lee engaged in a relentless campaign from May of to Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House eleven months later. The war bankrupted much of the South, left its roads, farms, and factories in ruins, and all but wiped out an entire generation of men who wore the blue and the gray. More than , men died in the Civil War, more than any other war in American history. The southern states were occupied by Union soldiers, rebuilt, and gradually re-admitted to the United States over the course of twenty difficult years known as the Reconstruction Era.

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It was clear to many that it was only a matter of time before slavery would be fully abolished. As the war drew to a close, but before the southern states were re-admitted to the United States, the northern states added the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution. The amendments are also known as the "Civil War Amendments.

The 14th Amendment has played an ongoing role in American society as different groups of citizens continue to lobby for equal treatment by the government. The United States government has identified battles that had a significant impact on the larger war.

Many of these battlefields have been developed—turned into shopping malls, pizza parlors, housing developments, etc. Since the end of the Civil War, veterans and other citizens have struggled to preserve the fields on which Americans fought and died.

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Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store. Every purchase supports the mission. Skip to main content. Civil War. Quick Facts. Characters, Causes, and Context.

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Abraham Lincoln in Library of Congress. Fort Sumter was the first battle of the Civil War. A battle-scarred house in Atlanta, Georgia. Join t Fight.

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Save battlefields. Membership Magazine. Minnesota in the Civil War. American Battlefield Trust Store. The American Battlefield Trust and our members have saved more than 51, acres in 24 states!