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Walter H. Evert - - Princeton University Press. Keats and Nietzsche. The Origins of the Romantic Movement in Spain. Mcclelland - - Institute of Hispanic Studies. By Keith D. Style - - The European Legacy 8 3 Houston - - Journal of Experimental Psychology 71 2 Keats and Philosophy: The Life of Sensations. Shahidha K. Bari - - Routledge. Mcclelland - Voss - - Journal of Experimental Psychology 67 1 Keats and Nature. Lillie Jugurtha - Added to PP index Total views 10, of 2,, Recent downloads 6 months 43 19, of 2,, How can I increase my downloads?

Sign in to use this feature. The fourteen essays in this collection offer diverse new perspectives on the arts in Victorian Literature.

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Containing innovative research by leading critics in the field, this collection makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of the relations between literature and the arts in the Victorian period. Preston, Claire sedearly. Claire Preston and Reid Barbour eds. Doctor, linguist, scientist, natural historian, and writer of what is probably the most remarkable prose in the English language, Sir Thomas Browne was a virtuoso in learning whose many interests form a representative portrait of his age.

The bee is not a domestic animal, yet our relationship with this creature is one of the longest-standing between humanity and any other species. Claire Preston argues that Thomas Browne's work can be fully understood only within the range of disciplines and practices associated with natural philosophy and early modern empiricism.

Early modern methods of cataloguing, collecting, experimentation and observation organised his writing on many subjects from medicine and botany to archaeology and antiquarianism. Edith Wharton's wide reading in the nascent disciplines of anthropology, sociology, and evolutionary theory of her day plays a significant role in her fictions.

Loving Faster than Light focuses on the popular reception of relativity in Britain, demonstrating how abstract science came to be entangled with class politics, new media technology, changing sex relations, crime, cricket, and cinematography in the British imagination during the s. Examining new research, this excellent volume presents a series of case-studies exemplifying the new newspaper history.

Using cross-cultural comparisons, Joad Raymond establishes an agenda for answering crucial questions central to the future histories of the political and literary culture of early-modern Britain. Joad Raymond and Graham Parry eds.

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Taking initiative from both the history of political thought and historicist aesthetics, the essays in this collection which derive from the International Milton symposium at York consider the conditions of liberty in Milton's writings. This book is a unique history of the printed pamphlet in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Britain and traces its rise as an imaginative and often eloquent literary form.

Using a long-term perspective and a broad range of historical, bibliographical and textual evidence, the book sketches a complex definition of a 'pamphlet'. The Invention of the Newspaper is the first interdisciplinary account of the origins and early development of the English newspaper, using both manuscript and printed evidence to account for the precise moment of the newsbook's appearance - a moment just a few months before the outbreak of civil war.

This collection offers a new and compelling vision of the place of angels in medieval and early-modern Europe. Through literal and figurative conversations with angels, humans acquired or imagined new forms of knowledge and new understandings of the relationship between God and man and of the arrangement of the natural world. This volume offers a series of perspectives on the developing relations between news, its material forms, gender, advertising, drama, medicine, national identity, the book trade and public opinion.

The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture is an ambitious nine-volume series devoted to the exploration of popular print culture in English from the beginning of the sixteenth century to the present. Milton's Angels: The Early-Modern Imagination explores the fate of angels in Reformation Britain, and shows how and why Paradise Lost is a poem about angels that is both shockingly literal and sublimely imaginative. Reid, Christopher, and John Mullan eds sedmiddle.

Christopher Reid and John Mullan eds. During the eighteenth century, popular culture assumed a peculiar importance; this collection makes available what was once popular but has long been buried. Imprison'd Wranglers looks in detail at the making of a rhetorical culture inside and outside of the House of Commons during the later eighteenth century, a time when Parliament consolidated its authority as a national institution and gained a new kind of prominence in the public eye.

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Reid, Christopher, and Michael Edwards eds sedmiddle. Christopher Reid and Michael Edwards eds. Oratory in Action has an inherent cross-disciplinary appeal and this book should be of interest to undergraduate and more advanced readers in a number of subject areas, such as classical studies, literature, history, law and performance studies.

Reynolds, Margaret, and Angela Leighton eds sedmiddle. Margaret Reynolds and Angela Leighton eds. This reader contains sixteen new and recent essays addressing work by, and issues raised concerning, Victorian women poets Read more Within the setting of Hayslope, a small, rural community, Eliot brilliantly creates a sense of earthy reality, making the landscape itself as vital a presence in the novel as that of her characters themselves.

From the role of costume in Modernist theatre to the actor's position in the fashion system, from nudity to stage ghosts, this wide-ranging exploration of costume, and its histories, argues for the centrality of costume to the spectator's experience at the theatre.

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In The Sappho History , Margaret Reynolds traces the story of the reception of Sappho's poetry and her afterlife in literature and art from the mid eighteenth-century to the twentieth-century. Sappho is now regarded as the greatest lyrical poet of Greece. Her work survives only in fragments, yet her influence extends throughout Western literature, fuelled by the speculations and romances which have gathered around her name, her story, her sexuality. The Sappho Companion brings together many different kinds of work, ranging from blue-stocking appreciations to juicy fantasies.

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Public poetry, which is concerned with the worlds of public order, government, and political events, provides a rewarding source of evidence about the ways in which literature and society may interact. By examining the careers of the major public poets in the period from the reign of James I to the administration of Walpole, the author shows how their work was modified and moulded by the events it was intended to influence.

Although this volume does not claim to be a comprehensive survey of books and their readers in the eighteenth century, it breaks new ground to provide much information and interpretation not available elsewhere.

Science and Sensation in Romantic Poetry by Noel Jackson

Rivers, Isabel, and David L. Wykes eds sedmiddle. Isabel Rivers and David L. Wykes eds.

This collection of essays by a team of experts covers the full range of Priestley's work and provides a new and up to date account of all his activities, together with a summary of his life and an account of his last years in America. This comprehensive collection of essays by specialist authors provides the first full account of dissenting hymns and their impact in England and Wales, from the mid seventeenth century, when the hymn emerged out of metrical psalms as a distinct literary form, to the early twentieth century, after which the traditional hymn began to decline in importance.

This volume completes Isabel Rivers' widely acclaimed exploration of the relationship between religion and ethics from the mid-seventeenth to the later eighteenth centuries. She investigates the effect of attempts to separate ethics from religion, and to locate the foundation of morals in the constitution of human nature. In this first part of an important two-volume study, Isabel Rivers examines the rise of Anglican moral religion and the reactions against it expressed in nonconformity, dissent and Methodism.

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The history of the book is an expanding subject: there has been a revolution in its academic study over the last two decades. This collection of eight new essays investigates the relationship between writers, books and readers in eighteenth-century England and the ways in which different kinds of books were written, edited, published, and disseminated for different audiences.

Since publication in Isabel Rivers' sourcebook has established itself as the essential guide to English Renaissance poetry.

This edition gathers together all Fox's known writings, with full explanatory notes and an introduction which explains who he was and how he believed he could reconcile his apparently incompatible beliefs. Rubery, Matthew, and Stephen Donovan eds sedmiddle. Matthew Rubery and Stephen Donovan eds. Secret Commissions brings together nineteen key documents of Victorian investigative journalism; collectively, they show how unsparing descriptions of social injustice became regular features of English journalism long before the advent of American-style "muckraking.

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The Novelty of Newspapers highlights the variety of ways the changing world of nineteenth-century journalism shaped the period's most popular literary form. This is the first scholarly work to examine the cultural significance of the "talking book" since the invention of the phonograph in , the earliest machine to enable the reproduction of the human voice. The Locations of George Lamming brings together scholars and critics from across the Atlantic world who present a unique reading of Lamming's imaginative reach.

The first comprehensive discussion of the major Caribbean thinkers who came to Britain, and a key book for thinking about the future of multicultural Britain.