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Most importantly, I learned how to handle failures.

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This is very important, for success and failure are two sides of the same coin. You must learn to put things in perspective and have a strong foundation to take both the ups and the downs in your stride. He told her that he wished for her a heart always full of joy and compassion.

Nobody is perfect; the world, including us, is made up of imperfections, what we do with it, is our creativity and strength. I can share a simple secret with you, to grow in life happily. Only focus on what is good in a person and rarely on what is not. Steer clear of negativity and cynicism and that is half the battle won.

Ace badminton player and coach Prakash Padukone wrote a letter to his superstar daughter, Deepika, sharing the lessons he learnt in life. Though both of them are celebrities in their own right, the simplicity of this letter will resonate with every father-daughter duo who reads it.

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  8. To win some, you have to lose some. The amount of effort that I put in my game never varied from the first day till my retirement.

    Even during my toughest times, I focused on what I had, instead of dwelling on what I did not. Full of inspiring words and snippets of advice that every daughter should read, Sen wrote this letter for year-old Renee when she was leaving for boarding school.

    Eliza Fay’s Original Letters from India

    Nurture friendships, honor your word. Never give up. Selecting one of the suggestions will take you to results within womenswear. Selecting one of the suggestions will take you to results within kidswear. Hit enter to search. Designers you may like.

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    Please select a gender to shop! My account Sign in Register. My account Access Logout. Delivery Country or Region. The very nature of postcards was global: a photograph would be sent to Dresden by a publisher from India, postcards would be struck from it by a printer there and then shipped back to Jaipur to be sold to tourists outside the Hawa Mahal or other tourist spots and finally it would be mailed to London, arriving there two weeks later.

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    Certain exhibitions come across as lessons in art history. It showcases the fascinating history of the Indian subcontinent through postcards which are rendered in diverse formats. Postcards displayed here are labelled as lithographs, collotypes, halftones, along with real picture postcards.

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    A few of the images from the postcards are also blown-up and used as backdrops to the framed exhibit. These images appear pixellated but draw the viewer in due to their appealing nature. The show is divided into various segments. Some postcards feature cityscapes of Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata and Chennai.

    Letters from India 1856-1873 by James Johnston

    Another one shows a huge mass of people at the Delhi Durbar in , when Queen Victoria was declared as the Empress of India. Also on display are the portraits of natives and multiple views of city life from that period. Sometimes we find a reference in a book so on and so forth on postcard history.