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Design Priyal Sood.

Autumn / Winter 12222

Autumn is a seating collection coming straight out of the future. Their research led to the creation of this pioneering material developed in the core of Rio De Janeiro, in the tropical rainforest. The production process involves different phases: from growing the plants to harvesting the leaves and then tanning, drying and pressing them to obtain the final material. I agree there are a lot of beautiful pieces in this drop, where that fits into our personal collection is up to us to decide. I was a bit overwhelmed when I first saw it all, but as I put it into place on this page I stared to understand all the different parts and how they fit into place.

GWP is always a good option for brackets and bangles we are not sure about. Hopefully we have one of those coming up. I prefer the rose to the shine and I prefer the price of the rose too, lol.

The Autumn Spice Collection –

It says it should be worn with a thick chain. The cable chains that Pandora sells will they be strong enough? You ask a good question. The advice in the brochure says that the new chains that are available in this collection are all strong enough to hold the O pendants. It does not tell us which older chains, if any, will be strong enough.

It may be that you need to seek assistance from a knowledgable and helpful assistant in store. Is there a silver version of the new cable chain? I only see shine and rose gold in the post. Did I miss it? I want to correct my first reply to you, I just checked again and this is what the brochure says about the Pandora O pendants:.

Make sure that you use a necklace that can support the weight of all of your charms! The mushroom pieces are lovely. I might go for the mushroom and the frog, but my wishlist is long.

I am really excited about NEW collection. My favourite is the pinl murano leaf dangle. Sorry about my English, I am from Spain. Thank you so much. Thanks for your lovely comment.

I think your favourite is that same as mine Your English is very good, you are welcome to type in a Spanish if you wish as there is a translate button under each post. Thank you so much for the wonderful preview! Now if I could only afford one of everything! Haha one of everything yes, that would be lovely. Thank you so much for the preview.

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I see so many beautiful pieces. I have also seen a Disney charm I like. Looking forward to seeing your post on those. Thank you for your comment. I love the pieces you have picked out, it will be interesting to see them all in store. I know you are in the UK, so you may be interested to know this collection has already gone on sale in the newly re-designed Concept store in Fosse Park, Leicester.

Thanks for letting me know. Also would have loved to have seen the Chinese Peach Blossom Collection, as I did like some pieces from that collection. Mind you I need my money for the upcoming Autumn and Winter collections and I still have some pieces on my wish list I want to get. Yes, it is a difficulty to know how to allocate funds for different collections.

Pandora must be doing something right. Btw, I managed to find the time to put you in my Relevant Links box. I had a bit of a tidy up of the home page which has not really been touched in a long time.

Thank you so much for putting me in your relevant links box, I really appreciate it. No way! How come they have the Blossom collection in London?! Please let us know if in should pop up anywhere else in Europe..

About The Shop

Hi Chloe, So here is the thing. I man from emailed last week and said he had spoke to the Leeds store in the UK to try to but the Beautifully Different Collection. They said that if he purchased an e-voucher from Pandora. Sounds interesting right? The man wanted to know how to buy the evil her and I explained but he never got back to me to say if he was successful in his attempt. I see.. I was just wondering if the Chinese Blossom Collection would also be sold elsewhere in Europe anywhere but U.

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I got so excited my fingers just started typing. But still very interesting to know. Overall a lovely collection. Thanks for the preview! I am happy that you found something you liked.

The Autumn Winter 12222 Collection

There is going to be a link bracelet launched in October. It Is part of a new collection that is aimed at year olds and will be called Pandora Me. There is a picture of it on a recent blog post I did about Millie Bobby Brown. It will have 55 unique pieces of jewellery that can be hung from the link bracelet. Hope this helps. I agree that it is a very beautiful collection. The O carrier is very nice and it will be interesting to see different ways people are able to use it.

Good morning! Glad to see the oxidized Reflexions bracelet as well as the Moments bracelet with the oxidized clasp. Now for some new oxidized charms. Hopefully they are sturdy enough to wear on a handbag without coming open. I definitely like the look on a necklace too. Thanks for taking the time to study it before commenting. Firstly, I think it really is a beautiful collection.