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Looking to get revenge for their brother Quattro, Trey and Quinton team up to take down the treacherous Barian, Mizar!

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Settling the Score: Part 2. As Quinton and Trey's devastating double duel against Mizar flares to a feverish finish, the brothers reveal the real reason they are battling the Barian! Their startling secret hits Mizar harder than any attack! Fists of Fury: Part 1. Yuma and Astral's race to face Don Thousand is stopped cold by the hot-blooded Alito, now brainwashed by the Barian deity!

Can they think fast enough to free Alito of Don Thousand, or will he take the two down for the count?! Fists of Fury: Part 2. Yuma and Astral duel desperately to try and turn an old enemy into their newest ally, but with Don Thousand in Alito's corner, Yuma and Astral find themselves up against the ropes! Power Play. Vector sets his sights on squashing Marin and Dumon, and there's nothing Shark can do but watch his sister and best friend squirm before his eyes. Barian vs. The thunderous battle between Marin, Dumon and Vector shatters expectations as it nears its startling end!

Meanwhile, Alito stands tall against his former friend, the Barian behemoth - Girag! Vector the Victor. Marin's duel with Vector charges to its climactic conclusion! Can Marin outduel this venomous villain, or will Vector remain invincible?! Dragon Strife: Part 1. The long foreshadowed faceoff is finally here! Kite and Mizar go toe-to-toe to settle who is the one true Galaxy-Eyes master!

Dragon Strife: Part 2. The fierce face-off between Kite and Mizar soars to new heights as their battle to determine the one true Galaxy-Eyes master roars to a finish! The Forsaken Palace. Nash races to face Vector, but with Vector's enhanced strength, he may be speeding towards his own demise! Clash of the Emperors. While Nash and Vector's danger-fueled duel hits dizzying new heights of havoc, the truth behind Vector's dark past is revealed! The New World. Yuma teams up with an unlikely ally to take down the great Barian deity, Don Thousand!

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Can this twosome draw out a victory, or will Don Thousand douse any hope these heroes have of being victorious? The Source Code. Yuma and Shark's battle with Don Thousand takes a treacherous turn when the great Barian deity reveals he can rewrite their cards into entirely different cards!

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Can Yuma and Shark defeat a foe who can change their every move? A Thousand Ways to Lose.

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Yuma and Shark turn the tides and put Don Thousand on the brink of defeat, but DonThousand still has a thousand tricks up his sleeve! The Fate of Three Worlds. Once friends, now foes - Yuma and Shark face off in a battle where winning could mean losing everything! The Battle of Three Worlds.

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Winning comes with the ultimate price when Yuma realizes victory will cost more than just losing his friendship with Shark, it will mean losing Shark forever! The Future of Three Worlds. Expect the unexpected as the game-changing conclusion of Yuma's duel against Shark flares to a frenzied finish! Last First Duel. Despite this shortcoming, I do think that this book series has a great deal of potential in entertaining children 5 years and older. After all, my 6 year-old did say he really liked it! Several screenplays with his name on them keep threatening to escape from the high security desk drawer where they are currently doing time for bad behavior.

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Yes, they are on twitter TheBugBarians. They have a huge social media presence.

The illustrations are really, really great. Thanks for popping by! Thanks for the review. About Contributors. We are changing the format of our reviews somewhat. First, I find that I frequently have to help my kids summarize the books we read, so instead of each providing a summary of the book, we will work together in coming up with one summary. My kids and I discussed it and they were adamant about keeping the star ratings that they get to assign, but I will no longer be assigning star ratings for my reviews. I find it more useful to discuss what I liked about a book as well as what issues I had.

I like the name of the boat!

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List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II episodes. Aim for the Legendary Numbers!! Then, Vector offers his life to Don Thousand, and uses his power to resurrect him. Don Thousand grants Vector his power in exchange for locating the seven Mythyrian Number cards that sealed him away long ago.