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Just hope that your name does not end up in the wager book. Shall we take a stroll along the graveled walks? The flowers and plane trees are so pleasant in Spring. But don't be surprised if we find some couple madly in love stealing a moment alone in the garden folly Coming out of the park, we now stand in the shadow of St.

Andrew's Church with its picturesque steeple. Much like St. George's in Hanover Square, it's one of the most fashionable spots to get married in London, as our local bachelors seem to be learning. Try as they might to avoid it, they do have a way of ending up there at the altar, saying "I do. Scroll down to meet the denizens of this aristocratic enclave, from wall-flowers to scandalous beauties, from rakehells to mysterious loners, and much more to come, only one question remains:.

Whether her frank tongue or slightly eccentric ways bear the blame, she faces a houseful of younger sisters clamoring for her, the eldest, to marry and move aside before they all end up as spinsters. But sometimes destiny waits just around the corner…and love lives right across the square! Gable Winston-McCray, the charming, understated Viscount Roland saunters through life as a wealthy, sophisticated rakehell and man-about-town.

Until, one moonlit night, fate strikes! Unsuspecting neighbors meet and become flirtatious allies. Jason Hawthorne, the Duke of Netherford, made it clear to the young, lovesick Felicity Carvel long ago that nothing could ever happen between them. But the scandalous attraction between them has only grown to a searing intensity.

And deep down, Felicity still wants Jason for her own. After getting her heart broken by Naughty Netherford once before, does she dare attempt to play with fire again—and this time, can Jason resist? Everything Lady Serena Parker thought she knew about her own life has just proved a lie.

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Now, only one man can lead her to the truth… But at what price? Ironically, her search soon points her right across the street, to the home of her most mysterious neighbor in Moonlight Square — the elusive and solitary Azrael, Duke of Rivenwood. The rich, enigmatic nobleman alone may possess the knowledge she craves, but Serena knows she must approach with caution. For, shadowed by rumors of a dark and tragic past, Azrael is heir to family secrets even more dangerous than her own. Subscribe to my newsletter for further announcements about all my upcoming releases.

Can their love overcome the dark storm gathering over the House of Amberley?

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London, The first in an unputdownable series. Stunning erotic historical debut with hints of gothic and modern.

Heroine is a delightful botanist with no choice but to enter into a marriage of convenience with an alpha-submissive duke—who fears what will happen if she discovers his kink. Rich aristocrat and a thief-turned-investigator are an irresistible match in Regency London. Heroine who has been personal assistant to her best friend hero decides she can't live with her unrequited love any longer and quits. Hero has other plans. Modern amnesia story. The heroine lost her memory and is desperate to understand herself, so she seeks out the only person she can find who might help -- her ex-boyfriend, who still has a thing for her Erotic romance set on a futuristic prison planet.

Heroine arrives at the prison to discover that she has no choice but to find a protector. This one is not for the faint of heart.

Exceedingly competent workaholic heroine bent on revenge ends up accidentally pregnant by her nemesis. Exactly the kind of secret baby story I want. College-set contemporary. Heroine with spinal cord injury, injured hockey-player hero. Sexy, honest romance. Gilded Age American-set novella.

Hero is a millionaire president of a bank. Heroine is a perfume girl on the run. They are trapped in his private rail car for three days. Incredibly unique comic anthology filled with Happily Ever Afters or at least the starts of them.

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Black suffragette heroine hiding her work from her family and friends meets hero working to enforce the 15th Amendment She disagrees. First in a contemporary duology. Newly graduated heroine falls for a graduate student in the summer after college, then realizes love might not be possible between them. Beautiful, honest, sexy book.

Second book How Not to Let Go required for happily ever after. Delicious secret billionaire story. Hero is sentenced to hours of community service at a non-profit run by the heroine. She has no idea who he is. Paranormal vampire romance; dentist heroine, vampire hero who loses a fang. Hilariously funny. An incredibly soft romance with two lovely heroes. The best romance novel ever written.

Look it up. Aro hero. Gorgeously written. Professional city-girl dancer is paired with an Alaskan wilderness mountain man on a Dancing With the Stars-style show. Chemistry for days.

The OG of Regency Romance

Pygmalion retelling, catnip historical. NYC-set contemporary romance; chef hero, heroine trying to prove herself to her celebrity chef mom. The two open restaurant together, very sexy and fun. One of the best historical romances ever written. Childhood friends to lovers. You want this one for the gelato. Sexy contemporary brainy heroine trades tutoring to a cocky hocky-playing hero for tips on landing the guy of her dreams, only to discover that he was right there all along.

Personal chef to a rock band falls for studio musician with a devastating past. A love story set against the backdrop of family responsibility and expectation. Set against backdrop of a rebuilding New Orleans. She loses of course , but wins the hero's heart in the balance. Paranormal shifter romance.

Lion-shifter hero, heroine is reluctant conduit for his magical energy. The story of fated mates gone wrong. Erotic contemporary; heroine turning over bad girl leaf, damaged artist hero. Regency historical; hero responsible for cousin's infertility, agrees to impregnate cousin's wife and falls in love. Regency historical; If 50 Shades were published in the Regency, how would women respond? And what would men do? Hero falls for his best friend's sister, who has read the book. Regency historical; Wallflower heroine who is a rape survivor is stranded at an inn with the hero.

Important and emotional. Five years later, a secret baby is revealed when Hamas kidnaps him. Four erotic historical novellas set in a Regency-Era Sex Club. Includes older maid finding her sexy self! New Orleans-set romantic suspense; heroine is suspect in TV evangelist murder. Hero is DA. Old school romance. Heroine has one torrid night with stepbrother before running to Italy, love triangle develops with gorgeous Italian in the seminary.

Delicious and sexy and very very old school. Hero loses his fiancee to her shenanigans, forces her to help him find a new wife. Sports contemporary. Journalist heroine, Arrogant hockey goalie hero. Deliciously funny. Regency historical, lower-class.

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Second chance at love -- Heroine is a fence, hero is her first love, once accused of murder, now back to win her. NYC-set contemporary, category romance.