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Test Your Vocabulary. Love words? Need even more definitions? The awkward case of 'his or her'.

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Its Red Knight markings have been retained. Highlights: A Canadian-built, two-seater jet trainer built under license by Canadair Limited from to A modified version of the U. Technical Information: Wing Span 13 m 42 ft 7 in Length Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Artifact No. Manufacturer Location. The poor turtle had to be feeling cooped up after all that time in his box.

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I ran back to the barn, but when I opened the Tupperware, Fido was floating in the water. I set him down on the tabletop, scooting him along with my finger, trying to jump-start him, even though I knew it was hopeless. Fido was dead, and it was all my fault. I had thought I could protect Fido and take care of him, but that bus trip had been too much for the poor little guy. I put Fido back in the Tupperware dish and carried him out to the pond. Liz put an arm around me and said we needed to ask Uncle Tinsley where to bury him. Uncle Tinsley was still puttering in the kitchen when we knocked.

Uncle Tinsley glanced at Liz. Uncle Tinsley stepped out of the house and closed the door behind him. I handed him the Tupperware dish, and he looked down at Fido. He led us back to the barn, where he picked up a shovel with a long wooden handle, then we all headed up the hill behind it. Beyond the barn were a bunch of dilapidated wooden buildings. Uncle Tinsley pointed out the smokehouse, the milking shed and the foaling shed, the henhouse, the icehouse, and the springhouse, explaining that Mayfield used to be a real working farm, though hands did most of the work.

He still had all acres, including a stretch of woods, as well as the big hay field where the cemetery was.

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These days, a farmer up the road, Mr. Muncie, hayed the field and gave Uncle Tinsley eggs and vegetables in return. We passed through an orchard, Uncle Tinsley showing us the apple, peach, and cherry trees, and out into a large pasture. At the top of the pasture, a cluster of trees shaded the family cemetery, which was surrounded by a rusting wrought-iron fence.

The cemetery was weedy, and a number of the weathered old headstones had toppled over. Uncle Tinsley led us to one well-tended grave with a newish headstone.

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The pets, he explained, were buried around the perimeter, near their owners. I found a nice piece of white quartz for a headstone. Uncle Tinsley gave a short eulogy. Fido had been a brave and indeed a faithful turtle, he said, who had made the long and perilous journey from California in order to serve as a guardian for his two sister-owners. The eulogy made me feel a lot better about both Fido and Uncle Tinsley.

One of the finest private gardens in all of Virginia, back in the day.

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  4. Mother won prizes for it. She was the envy of every lady in the garden club. I started telling Uncle Tinsley about my house dream and how, when we first arrived at Mayfield, I realized it was the actual house in the dream. Uncle Tinsley became thoughtful. He rested the shovel against an old water trough in front of the barn. He took a deep breath and opened the door.


    The front hall was large and dark, with a lot of wooden cabinets that had glass doors.