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A long-time funder of the anti-poaching efforts in the concession, he connected Mark Haldane with donors from the U. The lions are sedated and marked with spray paint as identification in preparation for the flight from South Africa to Mozambique. Carter agrees that 24 lions is a lot to manage.

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Then they were sedated and put in two private planes for the journey to Mozambique. On August 5, , a large crowd was gathered at the dusty airstrip in Marrameu Game Reserve as the planes touched down with their precious cargo. Many of the local villagers had never seen a lion before, and there were murmurs of both fear and excitement as the lions were offloaded.

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The chief laid out various offerings in plastic cups—coke, beer, tobacco—for the spirit lions. If the spirits were unhappy, Jorge explains, they would kill the new lions. A hot, humid mist hangs over the floodplain as eight eyes watch us warily from a nearby thicket of lala palms. One of the females rises and walks out of the thicket into the open, shaking the condensation from her body as if emerging from a morning sauna. Vets and ecologists have spent the last few days darting, testing, and collaring the lions, and Haldane and Carter are happy with their condition and progress.

Though the stress of the big relocation is over, Carter is not ready to relax just yet. These particular lions will never be hunted, says Carter. You hunt three lions out of , less than 1 percent, and suddenly you have paid for your scouts for over a year. Fifteen of the 24 lions wear tracking collars. The helicopters, the motorbikes, and anti-poaching teams are the foundation of the success of the reserve. As a vet, Samuel Bila says that hunting is not his first choice for conservation. Marrameu is a designated hunting area, and this can bring in profit and help with protection.

Of course, we put strict laws and quotas in place based on numbers. But hunting is part of the utilisation of wildlife in Mozambique.

The Spirit of The Lion of The Tribe of Judah

They know the lions are out there, but they are not aggressive. He knows that if the lions attack a villager, the spirit lions will kill them. We meet a younger man named Jon sitting beside the road with his kids climbing up and down his leg and hanging on his back. He speaks about his grandfather, a spirit lion. He says that when his grandfather was alive, he always promised that he would become a lion and remain there to protect them.

Now, when Jon is out in the bush and feels scared or lost, he asks his grandfather for help, and he always receives it. For the Thozo community, the spirit lion is a symbol of sacrifice, heroism, protection, legacy, and love of family. Chief Galanguira sacrificed his life for the people and the land, and he came back stronger.

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As we head back to camp, filled with the stories of Galanguira and the spirit lions, Carter begins to talk about his own life path. What initially began as an ambitious career in guiding and TV, he says, has developed into a quest to make an impact. He created his NGO because he saw a need for frontline conservation work. He now helps fund various projects across Africa, including ambitious projects to save orphaned chimps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and supporting giraffe conservation in Africa.

The pain crawled and gnawed the boy while his fear grew. He shivered, scratched his way deeper into the old earth and fought the salt tears in his heart and eyes. Tricked him into terror. He heard grasses rustle, heard soft even padding, heard the faintest purr and rumble of a giant breathing. He closed his eyes hard, tight, searching for courage in the inner darkness. Courage that he did not find. He peeped through long wet lashes as the tears ran down his cheeks. His peeping grew to wide-eyed terror as he recognised the shape that sat before him, half-concealed and half taunting in the silver moving grass.

There sat a lioness, observing, with cruel green eyes, weighing his bones in her cold mind, tasting his flesh. She rose and prowled with graceful power.

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Circling closer she inched toward the child. The child who wept and shivered and stared with open eyes and soundless screams alone in the dark night. Closer the lioness came, with heavy scent of sweat and blood from recent kills. The lioness now breathed into his face and opened her great jaw.

The child saw only yellow teeth and ceased to feel.

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  8. The lioness settled her great body on the grass and lay stretched out beside him. Reaching with a paw she drew the child down to her, wrapped her arms around him, drew him close into her warm soft belly fur and locked him in her safe embrace. While he slept the great lion spirit moved and spread and seeped into his heart so that when he woke the lion spirit had claimed him. In that place where the fear had always lived there was now strength and wisdom, strategy, compassion and endurance.

    The lioness led the way towards the river. His fingers gripped her fur while she supported him. When they rested the lioness used her paws to capture mice and lizards. She brought them to the hungry boy to keep him strong. Soon they arrived at a waterhole where the boy bathed his swollen leg. Remembering his lessons he knew the special leaves to gather that would take the pain away.

    He rubbed their juice into his skin and breathed their fumes in deeply. He remembered how to make a heavy plaster from the river mud to encase and protect his leg so that it could heal.

    Totem Animal: Lion

    The lioness stayed close. During the long days of silence the boy was changed. His great fear was dead. He learned to run, leap over logs, climb high in trees, laugh back to birdcalls and to sing his tribal songs as he followed the lioness along the winding river path. When the time came for the boy to return, when he had learnt all he could from the initiation journey, they came to a spot close by the village.

    From a hill above they stood together looking down on the cluster of huts. They watched the women at their work, some gathering wood, some grinding grain. The children played pretending to throw spears or digging holes in search of grubs. The lioness crept silently away and the boy went on alone following the path towards the village. One by one the village people noticed him, standing tall, leaning on his spear, his eyes shone proudly, his leg was healed and he was now, at last, a chieftains son.

    His people gathered round to hear the story of his journeys, to share the lessons he had learnt and to celebrate and praise the spirit of the plains that had guarded him and brought him home. As darkness fell the fires were lit and there was drumming, dancing and storytelling far into the night.

    In time the chief grew old but was well satisfied. The lion is now preying on you. This lion dream scenario is classic. Dreaming of being chased by a lion is one of the most common themes featuring this creature in the dream world.